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To Kill A Mocking Bird Vocabulary Apothecary pg.3-All we had was Simon Finch, after trapping apothecary"¦-a pharmacist Imprudent pg.5-Were imprudent that S.O.B. had it coming to him"¦-showing no care, forethought, or judgment (formal) Optimism pg.6-But it was time of vague optimism"¦-the tendency to believe, expect, or hope that things will turn out well Impressionistic pg.18-"¦and the class received these impressionistic"¦-giving a broad picture or general idea rather than an exact description Sentimentality pg.19-"¦there was no sentimentality"¦-the tendency or practice of indulging in emotion or nostalgia Mortification pg.21-"¦and Miss Caroline subsequent mortification"¦-deep shame and humiliation Butter beam pg.23-Don't you like butter beams? "“a type of dish Judiciously pg.31-"¦the common folk judiciously allowed"¦-showing wisdom, good sense, or discretion, often with the underlying aim of avoiding trouble or waste a little judicious pruning Disapprobation pg.31-""¦ with considerable disapprobation by"¦-the expression of moral or social disapproval (formal) Scuppernongs pg.42-"¦eat her scuppernongs if we didn't"¦-a cultivated variety of the muscadine grape that has sweet yellowish-green fruit Malignant pg.55-"¦the

chimberry trees were malignant"¦-full of hate and showing a desire to harm others Perplexity pg.73- She must have seen my perplexity. "“The nature of something that is disconcertingly complex Ingenuous pg.77-"¦and disliked my ingenuous diversions"¦ -showing innocence and a lack of worldly experience Inconspicuous pg.89-"¦he would not remain as inconspicuous as"¦-not easily seen or noticed Erratically pg.93-He walked erratically"¦-not predictable, regular, or consistent, especially in being likely to depart from or fall below expected standards at any time Myopic pg.130-"¦his guest to myopic drunkenness"¦-showing a lack of foresight or long-term planning Night bugs pg.151-"¦ the night bugs dancing"¦-? Subsequent pg.21-"¦and Miss Caroline subsequent mortification"¦- happening or existing after something