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To Kill a Mockingbird

Activities of Children

Michal Gregersen


Adult supervision

The first scene where I think the children get some experience about lying, is where the play the game "Boo Radley". Basicly they are acting a drama relating to Boo Radley, when Atticus asks them if the game has anything to do with Boo Radley, they lie and deny it has anything to do with it. Later on they are skeptical of playing the game again, as they do not want to get in trouble. Another scene where I think Scout got some experience is at school, where she nearly starts a fight with her classmate, Cecil, as she says that Scout's dad defends niggers. The last scene where I think both Jem, Scout and Dill got some experience about racism, was in the courthouse when they were sitting on the balcony with the other blacks. I think they realized how unfair the white people were to the blacks, and even though a dark skinned man, with evidence of being innocent, the white's still won the case. Overall, I think they got some thoughts about the consequences of lying, as they stopped playing the game after denying to Atticus of playing it. They did so, since they didn't want to get in any trouble for lying. Scout also got some experience at school, instead of starting an actual fight, she "walked" away from the situation. Finally, the kids got some experience of the real life where they lived, where racism was a huge factor. They also experienced an truly innocent man being found guilty, mainly because of his color. I think some of the many scenes in the book where the children got in trouble would have been avoided if an adult was actually...