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Who Killed the Takehiro? This is a question that arises in the Japanese short story, In a Bamboo Grove written by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. The story is about seven different testimonies of the murder of a samurai named Takehiro, whose body had been found in a bamboo grove. In all the testimonies it is certain that Takehiro had been found dead and that the main suspect is the thief, Tajomaru. All the participants agreed that Tajomaru led Masago, Takehiro's wife, and Takehiro to the bamboo forest, promising them cheap stolen treasures. Tajomaru then tied up Takehiro and raped Masago. The thief leaves with Takehiro's possessions and Masago's horse and as a result, Takehiro dies. Three most important testimonies are Takehiro, Takehiro, Takehiro's wife, and Tajomaru Three of the most important testimonies are from Takehiro, Takehiro's wife, and Tajomaru are denying one another, the reader is left with the question as to who really did killed Takehiro.

But in each of the testimonies, Masago wishes for the death of her husband. The question arises as to why Masago would wish her husband dead? A possible explanation could be that Masago wants to maintain her and husband pride pride and honor which remains consistent throughout the testimonies. Due to this, Masago is likely the cause of Takehiro's death.

Despite the differences of Masago's guilt in the murder of her husband, all of the statements rest to one conclusion; the rape of Masago violates her sense of security. This act of violation is not just sexual, but also about power. To a thief like Tajomaru, Masago is just another victim that he happens to come across. But to a woman, being sexually violated is the most unbearable experience she can ever endure. It is not just her body that is being...