The Killer Angels

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The Killer Angels, by Michael Shaara, is a story of the Battle of Gettysburg. The Novel begins in the third summer of the Civil War, June of 1863. It involves the 80,000-man Union Army commanded by General George Meade, and the 70,000-man Confederate Army commanded by General Robert Lee. This novel is a historical fiction. It is based on actual facts, through his own research and interpretations.

The novel begins with the spy who is working for General Longstreet, and the Confederates. He observes two brigades of "Yankee" Cavalry, and seven corps. Very close too the Confederates. Lee is very skeptical of Harrison's observations, and with no report of his scouts, he sees opportunity in a Town called Gettysburg. Lee believes that with the inexperience and cautiousness of General Meade he can take the Union Army there.

General Buford, who was commanding the two Calvary brigades, arrives into Gettysburg.

With knowledge of the South's position they dig in and prepare to hold ground until he can receive Infantry reinforcements from General Reynolds.

Harry Heath was commanding soldiers that were headed into Gettysburg, to observe. There were orders from Lee not to attack, but what he thought was a few militia with shotguns, turned out to be Buford's Calvary ready, and waiting.

With the element of surprise Buford was able to hold the Confederates until Reynolds made it to the front lines. Close to this time Lee also made it to the front lines. By the end of the evening the Confederates were able to recover, and begin to plan for the next day. That night Meade also arrived to Gettysburg.

With the Union improving their position, and planning on seeing most of the South's Army, General Lee feels that a direct attack on the Union reinforced high ground is...