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Killing Dandelions

Its delicate petals bleed with hell's yellow fury while it multiples and suffocates all of its victims. The dandelion is the demon of every backyard, and needs to be eradicated. It multiplies ten fold within hours, and chokes your lawn till it's dry. Do not regard this delicate flower as nature's love; it is disguised by its beautiful bright color.

I've been anguished and tormented by the dandelion. I've tried every possible option to smoke these weeds out of my lawn. I've made mistakes, but now I know the most appropriate way to exterminate the dandelion. This way saves you money; it saves you frustration; it also saves your lawn.

Choose your weapon:

Do not go out and buy weed killers and chemicals, which are ineffective and of poor quality. To completely extinguish the dandelion you must have a dandelion puller.

You can purchase a low cost dandelion puller at any local hardware store.

Don't be cheap and get a one foot dandelion puller. I know from experience that the short handle cripples you back; for it's a long, strenuous process. I prefer the four foot wooden pull with a hard, metal blade on the bottom, which is inexpensive and more accurate.

Make certain that your blade is sharp and securely attached to the puller. I have flung blades across the lawn because they weren't securely attached.

Mentally plan out an area of attack.

Don't just run out and start flinging weeds and dirt at random, otherwise you will lose track of where you were at and end up missing many concealed dandelions.

Start in a corner of your lawn and proceed to the opposite side, making sure everything behind you is clear of weeds. This makes the process much more thorough and...