Kim Cambell: A Dark Era in Canadian Politics - deals with the failures of Kim Cambell's government and her scandalous campaigning tactics.

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From Confederation in1867 and right through 136 years to the present, Canada has had some of the brightest, most sensible, most moral, and effective leaders that can be found at the helm of any nation. Sir John A. McDonald built the transcontinental railroad, Laurier lead Canada through prosperity, Lester Pearson who brought peace, and Trudeau who brought the Constitution back from Britain. Unfortunately, we also had our share of the most ignorant, corrupt, mislead, and plain ineffective leaders. Yet no Prime Minister ever proved so childish, none contributed so little to the country, nor were any so undeserving of the credit given to him or her, as the ?Honourable? Kim Campbell.

When Kim Campbell came to power in 1993, she made women all over the country elated and bursting with pride at having reached a landmark in history for women?s increasing rise in public affairs. Her list of contributions to Canada, however, stops right there.

She did nothing during her time as Prime Minister of any note and she simply hung onto a quickly weakening conservative power. At the time, Canada was in financial turmoil and the country?s future was unclear; however, Ms. Campbell had more important things in mind. Her leadership campaign of course. Surely her re-election must be of greater importance than Canada?s future. In her thankfully short time in office, Kim Campbell did nothing but sink Canada further into an economical mire.

Kim Campbell is often hailed as a champion of women and the pride of Canadian women all over for her achievement in becoming the first female Prime Minister in Canada since confederation. Yet, I fail to comprehend all the excitement and hype around her entering office. It is generally considered and achievement if one has done something to reach his or her goal, not...