What kind of business or product line would you start?

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Upon visiting my local mall, I noticed the majority of visitors were of short stature.

Keeping this in mind, as well as past discussions with people, my general focus was to target

those individuals of a shorter nature. There are many ways to make an individual appear taller.

Clothing styles have much to say in this area, as well as particular colors which have slimming

Effects on the figure. These illusions are solely that. Illusions. Nothing has physically changed

aside from their attire. With an abundance of clothing stores, varying in brands, genre, and

pricing competition would be tough. Shoe stores were almost as abundant as clothing stores,

where each one sold their particular brand or name. My idea is to group all shoe brands,

formal and informal whether they are boots, sandals, or sneakers. Why would my store be any

different? It would target those who feel they have a height disadvantage by physically

increasing a person's height without surgery.

By placing a two to three inch platform inside the

shoe, a person's height would physically increase. The outward appearance is like that of

any other shoe, only it holds a secret which is only revealed by the shoe's removal.

Without money this idea is worthless. Advertising and marketing allow such ventures

possible. Acquiring investors will hold the key to this product. My agenda is to find out the cost

of materials needed to make these shoes as well as labor. Next, how many I can start off with

and using those as demos for advertising. Having investors backing me, I would produce a

limited amount, monitoring the supply and demand carefully. Depending on the fruitfulness of

this endeavor will determine the success of my new line.