What Kind of Democracy? What Democracy are we in ?

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This article "What kind of democracy" basically explains what does full democracy means and what are the two roots of democracy, liberal and tribal democracy. Full democracy means when a political system guarantees both civil (freedom of expression beliefs, etc.) and political liberties (rights to vote participate in government, etc.). In this reading the author gives a very clear and insight explanation of what makes a country liberal and what makes it tribal, he also addresses the advantages and disadvantages of both of these democracies. When a country is considered liberal democratic, it values the individual's thoughts and desires the most. In this kind of society no one (not the king nor the majority) has the right to tell others how to thin or act, on the other hand a tribal democratic country only gives the dominant group or the majority (usually men) the democratic rights such as voting. Tribalism excludes any minorities such as, women, slaves, or foreigners when making decisions as a state.

Now a days our world is heading towards liberal democracy considering the fact that, liberalism will guarantee that citizen's rights comes first before state , it will help reinforce unchecked state power and religious dogma and also abolish political censorship , slavery , torture , women's and minority groups unequal rights. However, there is some criticism about liberalism that it often becomes a target for fascism, communism to destroy. It also takes very long to establish because democracies are traditionally more tribal than liberal and in past there are examples of liberalism where freedom was abused in some countries and eventually led to war. Considering all these disadvantages still a lot of countries are heading towards liberalism because its emphasis is on the absolute value of the individual and the universal applicability of the basic...