"The Kind Of Man I Will Never Be" The story "Gimpel the Fool" is written by Isaac Singer.

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The story "Gimpel the Fool" is written by Isaac Singer. In the story he writes about a man named Gimpel who goes through life being ridiculed by the people of the town because of his foolish ways. He is considered a fool because he appears to believe everything that is said to him. Even though he knows the truth, he manages to convince himself otherwise. Although he is a good man he never draws a line between being good and being a fool. Gimpel is both by choice.

Reb Gimpel is a man of many ways; he is loving, caring, a religious man and known the most as the town's fool. The dictionary defines the word fool to be a stupid person, one who lacks sense and good judgment. In his world there is always an explanation, always a "How was I suppose to know?" He lives the kind of life I would never want to live: Everyone telling him lies, and he finds ways to believe in them.

Growing up Gimpel is always being picked on, not because he is small or weak but because he lets them. He is always picked on to be fooled by people for their amusement. "Gimpel, you know the rabbi's wife has been brought to childbed?" So he skips school only to find out it is lie. Many times he lets his gullible attitude take over his actions. In one chapter Gimpel says "In the first place, everything is possible, as it is written in the Wisdom of the Fathers, I've forgotten just how (96). To me this sounds like an excuse to allow himself to be gullible and justify the person he is. They even tell him that his parents have risen from the dead and he still believes...