What Kind Of Superheroes I Want To Be ?

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Superheroes will never exist in our world. They live in a fantasy world. A world where the good guys win while the baddies lose. In our world, there's no such peoplewith good and positive thoughts and there are no people with only bad and negative thoughts. Everyone is in the grey zone.There is no chance for us being the ultimate villain or the good guys who defeats the bad guys. So we tend to fantasize a little.

I daydream a lot. Superman, Wonderwoman, Catgirl, Batgirl and so on. There's so many superheroes that it's difficult to list all of them down. Since i was small, I've loved the " Captain Planet " cartoon series. Till now, I still like it very much. " I want to be Captain Planet!" I used to tell my parents. And till now, if I were given the chance to potray a superhero, I think Captain Planet will be my number one choice.

Captain Planet is a guy who helps to save and protect the enviroment. We ofetn hear bout illegal hunting, pollution, people getting sick because of contaminated water, new diseases spreading around the whole world and so on. Why are we hearing all these news? Why are these news on the newspapers? It's because of our own doing. There's no one who cares about the environment, no one wants to take the responsibilty to maintain and preserve our natural environment, no one is willing to be the leader to lead the human race to help save our enviroment. And this is where Captain Planet comes in.

This man is no ordinary man. He's the one and only person who is willing to sacrifice his time and energy to save and protect our environment. He never gives up and is more than willing to sacrifice his own life just for the sake of our environment. He sets up good examples to people, especially children, so that they will be able to protect the environment from young. After all, good habits are developed since young.

People might say, " What can a child do ? " Well, they might not be able to do much now, but with Captain Planet's advice and guidance, they will be able to do more as they grow older. Captain Planet's idea is to instill the thougth of loving our environment into young children. As the young child grows up into a mature person, he or she will be able to teach the same thing to their children. The circle gets bigger and bigger. One day, our world will be filled with people who can protect our environment from pollution. And who is the person who went through all these hard work to educate the peopla about loving our environment ? It's Captain Planet, of course.

Not many people who is willing to do this kind of work. But unity is the key item to protect our most precious living place - Earth. I cannot be and never will be another Captain Planet, but I definitely would want to help save our planet. Therefore, wherever I go or whatever I do, I'll always make sure that I spread the message of loving our planet to everyone I know. Captain Planet will always be my superhero.