What kinds of incentive schemes and principles for succession planning would need to be in place to support ethical conduct and transparency?

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The selection and evaluation of the chief executive officer and concurrence with the CEO's selection and evaluation of the corporation's top management team is probably the most important function of the board. In its broader sense, "selection and evaluation" includes considering compensation, planning for succession and, when appropriate, replacing the CEO or other members of the top management team.

The performance of the CEO should generally be reviewed at least annually without the presence of the CEO and other inside directors. The board should have an understanding with the CEO with respect to the criteria according to which he or she will be evaluated, and there should be a process for communicating the board's evaluation to the CEO.

Boards have a responsibility to ensure that compensation plans are appropriate and competitive and properly reflect the objectives and performance of management and the corporation. Incentive plans will vary from corporation to corporation and should be designed to provide the proper balance between long- and short-term performance incentives. Stock options and other equity-oriented plans should be considered as a means for linking management's interests directly to those of stockholders.