King Arthur

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Arthur's father, Uther, was the king of Britain. He was at war with a man named the Duke of Cornwall but at the same time was in love with the duke's wife, Ygerne. Merlin the magician helped Uther disguise himself as the duke then he presented himself to Ygerne. She gave birth to a son named Arthur. Merlin then took him away and placed him under the care of Sir Ector to be raised as his foster child.

When Uther died, Arthur was not told that he was the rightful heir to the throne. With no single king to unite the country, all the lessor kings started to fight for the throne. The archbishop of Canterbury invited all the British nobles to London to try to settle the fighting. He showed the nobles a block of stone with an iron anvil on top. A sword was stuck through the anvil and into the stone.

An inscription on the stone said, "Who so pulls the sword from the stone is the rightful king." Many tried without success but finally Arthur effortlessly pulled the sword from the stone and gained a country.

Arthur however failed to convince most of the nobles that he should be king. They challenged his right to the throne but with the help of the sword and Merlin's power, Arthur was able to defeat them. As the years passed he gained control over more and more of Britain and brought peace to the land at the same time. During one of his journeys, he broke his sword in combat. Merlin took him to the Lake of Avalon where the Lady of the Lake gave him Excalibur, which is a magnificent jeweled sword. During another journey he married Guinevere.

For many years, Arthur and Guinevere enjoyed a reign over...