King Hussein Of Jordan (1935 to 1999)

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I chose Hussein Ibn Tala, King of Jordan for my book report because I was very impressed by how loyal he was to his people. He wanted peace with other countries. He always worked toward that goal even during very turbulent times in the Middle East. He was kind and compassionate to his people. I, also, found him interesting in that he was chosen to be king of his county at the young age of 17.

Hussein Ibn Tala was king of Jordan. He was born November 14, 1935. There was no mention of this death in this book due to the time frame in which the book was written. but he is now deceased. He was educated first at Victorian College in Alexandria, Egypt. He was unable to complete his education there because of that countries suspected role in the murder of his grandfather, Abdullah. He finished his high school education at Harrow in Britain.

Later he attended Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in Britain. There he learned to fly all types of aircraft, including jets and helicopters.

On July 20th, 1951, Abdullah, Hussein's grandfather was assassinated. His father, Tala was crowned king on September 6th, 1952. Due to his problems with schizophrenia, he couldn't handle being king. On August 12th, 1952 Hussein was declared king. Hussein's' other family members included multiple wives and children, but his wife at the time of his death was the one he is best known for. She was his fourth wife and was a young American woman named Lisa Halaby. She converted to Islam and was renamed Noor Al Hussein, meaning " light of Hussein. She is now known as Queen Noor.

On May 2, 1953 he is inaugurated. As that evening come he raised his right hand and said, "I swear by...