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The Great Deluge The story of the Great Flood is one that has been discovered among all nations and tribes and is known all around the world. Also, the story of Noah's ark is quite familiar to everyone. However, is this story of the Great Flood of Noah's day an historical fact, an allegory or just simply a fabrication? Scientific Creationist have been working and investigating and put forward evidence that support the biblical story of The Great Deluge but how conclusive are the evidence? By Looking at the factual account and evidence on the flood waters, the ark and fossil one can see that the evidence put forward by the Creationist is an unsatisfactory accounting of the Great Deluge.

One question that puzzles some people is how exactly did the flood begin, was it God's doing, or is there some other scientific explanation? Scientific Creationist say that there was a canopy of water that covered the earth which created a greenhouse effect, here's a quote that illustrates this point; " "¦the presence of a canopy of water vapor 1 to 3 km thick that covered the earth.

The canopy was translucent to the light of the stars but created a greenhouse effect." (Davis 41) George Dodwell calculated that the earth's axis shifted in 2345 B.C which collapsed the water canopy producing forty days and nights of rain, the following quote manifests this point; " "¦the earth's axis shifted significantly in 2345 B.C, about the time of the flood. A shift of this size may have been caused by the close passage of, or a collision with, a large meteorite"¦the water canopy collapsed, producing forty days and nights of rain and creating vast oceans. Without the water canopy as protection, more radiation reached the earth's surface, reducing lifespans for...