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We first need to be responsible for ourselves before we can be responsible for others. This is something Beth should have thought of before taking on the responsibility of taking her mom's car. A responsible person wouldn't walk out of a change room and head to the direction of the door. Keeps me wondering if Beth was a responsible person. I mean she did handle that situation in the cop car responsibly.

Beth's mother told her to take the car and go buy some new pants for her Uncle AL's birthday party. Considering her old ones were not up for the occasion. Her mother clearly told her to bring back the car before 1, since she would have to use it to get stuff for the party. But Beth could not meet the deadline and did not come back in time. Her mother was depending on her to bring back the car.

After the situation at the store occurred she could have called her mom and told her what was happening and why she would be late but she didn't until it was too late.

Although Madge p. Groton, The Security Guard was wrong for assuming Beth was stealing because of her age. Beth should have thought about how it would look, walking around the store with the pants she tried on kind of makes her look suspicious. Especially since she was walking in the direction of the door. The Security Guard should have taken the time to listen to her explanation and not judged her. Like they say the law is blind.

Beth's encounter with the cop was the most responsible she had been in the story, she handled the situation like a adult, and explained the misunderstanding instead of yelling. She nicely asked the officer to take...