"King Oedipus", by Sophocles.

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When Sophocles wrote, King Oedipus, he was writing a form of play called a crisis drama, or sometimes called a drama of catastrophe. Little did he know that upon writing this story he was actually building on something that Freud would base a theory on and that professionals would still use in the modern world today, in the 21st century. This form of history has truly played its part through time, and Sophocles was a man ahead of his time.

To explain more of what I am writing of, let me start at the beginning of the story that Sophocels so dramatically wrote. I have never been so emotionally touched by a story in all of my life. The way that this pulls you in and lets your imagination draw such a vivid and maybe even an explicit portrayal of what Sophocles successfully suggested.

King Laius, is the ruler of Thebes, he has the famous oracle of Delphic Apollo explain unto him that Queen Iocasta will bear a son that will in fact, kill him and marry her.

So when Queen Iocasta delivers a baby boy the couple takes his feet and pierces them, to cripple the infant. They then have a slave take him to a mountaintop to parish.

Because of the kind heart of this slave, the child is allowed to survive. Not only did this slave save his life, he was given the chance to succeed as the son and er to the throne of King and Queen of Corinth. The named him Oedipus.

One day as most children due, Oedipus began to get teased. The called him the fake son, when he questioned his parents both denied the entire thing. Because of this confusion Oedipus went to the Oracle Delphi, who explains that he will...