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Sneferu (also spelt Snefru) ruled in the OLD KINGDOM of the 4th Dynasty (2575-2465 BC) and is thought to have been a kind ruler, unlike his descendants, Khufu and Khafre, who developed reputations as dictators and slave-drivers. While records say that Sneferu's reign lasted for 25 years, graffiti on the pyramids suggests that his reign lasted longer. With the break in dynasties, there has been some debate as to whom Sneferu's father actually was, but many believe that he may have been Huni. Sneferu's mother, Meresankh I, is thought to have been a second-rate wife or concubine and not of royal blood, which resulted in the historian Manetho to begin a new dynasty with Sneferu. To legitimize his rule, Sneferu most likely married the daughter of a more senior queen, Hetepheres I, who probably was his half sister.

Hetepheres I, only gave Sneferu one surviving child, Khufu, but Sneferu fathered six other children with two other companions.

Their names were Nefermaat, Rahotep, Ranofer, Kanofer and Ankh-haf plus one whose name is unknown. Sneferu's strategy was to keep power in the family to prevent it from spreading among high-placed officials and nobility. Two of Sneferu's sons became viziers, high administrative officials and it is thought that his other children probably held important positions as well.

Sneferu reorganized land ownership throughout Egypt, to stop high-placed officials and nobles from becoming too powerful, but the idea was to also to encourage the farming of marshlands.

The Palermo Stone, which basically is a fragment of 5th century basalt stele, is Egypt oldest history book, with information such as cult ceremonies, taxation, sculpture, buildings and warfare. During the years from the 6th through to the 8th reign, Sneferu built a large fleet of ships and organized a large military operation against the...