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Movie Review

The film I chose to view for this assignment was the King's Speech. This movie follows Bertie, later known as King George VI, the second son of King George V, on his journey to his reign. In this movie, the main character has a speech impediment that affects his fluency of the language. As the Duke of York, Bertie is not required to do much but he does occasionally do some public speaking. When he speaks, it is to see that he has trouble getting his words out. Bertie calls this "stammering" and says that he has been stammering since he was four or five. There are also occasions in the first half of the movie where Bertie is yelled at by his father. It is easy to see the frustration experience by the King when Bertie tries to read and he cannot. His father constantly tells him to "just get it out!" At this point in the movie, his disability is depicted slightly negatively.

Most of the situations seem to evoke pity or sympathy towards him by showing how his disability changes how his family treats him. Both his father and brother ridicule him for stammering and are clearly not in the right state of mind to understand him.

The middle of the movie shows the transition of Bertie from the Duke to the King. He realizes that his brother is not fit to reign and starts the preparations for him to take the throne. In this part, Bertie's speech impediment is again highlighted and he frequently struggles to communicate with the people arranging for him to gain the throne. These situations show definitely show his disability in a negative light. They are meant to imply that without the ability to speak publicly, he is...