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King Solomon: Ideas Toward Business SuccessMany People do not consider the Bible useful in the business world. King Solomon helps to change that perspective. The books and verses he contributed to the Bible can be followed as effective tools for business, financial, and life success. These words of wisdom and strategy can be broken down into helpful categories such as: business speaking, cooperation, and hard work--all of which are encountered in the workplace and daily life. The king even offered wisdom to help understand the importance of making good investments with hard-earned money. Labeled as the wisest and richest man to ever live, Solomon's proverbs are a great guide for success. Understanding King Solomon's teachings gives a useful insight into the realm of finances and business.

Solomon was the son of King David, and third ruler of the united kingdom of Israel. Solomon had many older brothers, but was chosen over them to be his father's successor and took over the throne at a very young age.

During his time the King is credited with writing three different and inspirational books of the Bible: "Proverbs", "Song of Songs", and "Ecclesiastes". He ruled Israel for nearly forty years (960-922 B.C.) through their "golden age", and was said to have taken the Israelites through some of their most prosperous times (Schoenberg).

The many accomplishments of King Solomon help to establish his credibility as a great teacher. When God approached Solomon and told him to ask for one thing, Solomon told God that he wanted wisdom. He received this gift and along with it came wealth. The Bible acknowledges this by saying "So King Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth for riches and for wisdom" (KJV 1 Kings 10:23). King Solomon is known as being the wisest man...