Kingpin of San Francisco.

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Kingpin of San Francisco

Long ago, there was a gang on Main Street in San Francisco with a leader named Jessie Ray. If anyone had a problem, he fixed it in anyway possible. He was the biggest and buffest guy on the block. He was the kingpin of San Francisco. He had connections to the police and any other authority you could think of. He even had his own holding cell for people who made him mad. His named was more feared than the FBI or the President. He could have you killed in 1 minute flat and have it covered in about 30 seconds.

One day, a guy named Jimmy T. moved in next door to Jessie. He studied everything Jessie did. He found out all of his connections, who his friends were, where his holding cell was located, and even his personal relations with Ashley Ann. He was planning in everyway to overthrow Jessie.

He stayed up day and night following him through the streets hoping for some hint as to how he does everything he was doing. Jimmy's only problem was that he would not have enough men to fight if he was to plan an attack.

The day of Jimmy's take over had arrived and Jessie Ray had no idea what was coming to him. "Let's go foo," said Jimmy T. to Jessie, as he put up his arms ready to fight. Jimmy whistled and Jessie snapped and the fight was on. All prisoners from Jessie's holding cell were freed and began their atrocious revenge as they had vowed to Jimmy for their freedom. Jessie was beginning to loose men quickly. Jessie called all his connections in hope that the fight would be over and Jimmy's plan would be toppled. Jimmy would have been beat...