Kit carson: Mountain Man,

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Kit Carson and key events that made him an icon in history.Kit Carson helping John Fremont with the westward expansion expedition.

The smell of sweet herbs and warm meals in the air, the sight of a professional trapper tangled in his work, and a walking medal of bravery, the blood on the hands of a skilled soldier. Who is Kit Carson? Kit Carson was a man of many professions. Kit Carson was not only a trapper but he was a cook, soldier, Indian agent, scout, and last a legend of the west. Kit Carson had many people which influenced him or made him become the legend he is. For example Mr. Fremont brought light to Kit Carson's actions taken during the westward expansion. Kit Carson made a big impact on history by describing the land.

Kit Carson was born on December 24, 1809, in Madison County Kentucky by the name of Christopher Carson , he later changed it to Kit Carson when he was a little older.

Kit Carson's family moved to Boone's Lick, MO, and Kit Carson ended up spending most of his childhood there. Carson's father died when he was only nine years of age. Carson's father was killed by a falling tree limb. After his father died Carson was apprenticed to a saddle maker. Carson then ran away from the saddle maker when he was fifteen, and headed toward Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Carson planted himself in Taos in 1826 when he was sixteen years old. Carson then began his first profession, and mastered the skill of fur trapping. Carson even traveled as far as the Rocky Mountains to trap. Carson also worked as a cook, and a teamster until he finally received the rank of trapper. Then during the year 1840 Kit was hired by...