The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner

A true friendship is hard to come by in any given part of this planet; humans are intricate creatures that seek friendship and companionship to thrive in life. The Kite Runner presents one of the most dynamic relationships to have been told in a story in such a compelling matter. This is the story of Amir and Hassan; these two young boys shared a unique experience. They nursed from the same breast, which is said to hold a bond that is just like being brothers, who knew that in the end they were really brothers. Their story began before they were even born as their fathers had practically grown up together and become best friends themselves. They spent their entire childhood growing up and sharing unforgettable memories even one that would destroy a friendship. The young Hazara boy was not only Amir's servant but deep down it was his only true friend and most importantly his brother.

Amir and Hassan had grown up in the same house although Hassan lived in a small mud hut outside in the back yard of Baba's mansion. They had taken their first steps in the same hall way, and climbed their first trees together. Their friendship evolved as they grew closer and practically did everything together and spent their time together. The only time they did not spend time together was when Amir was in school, but when he returned they ran up their favorite hill to go read. Hassan was illiterate as he was just a servant, but Amir would read to him stories as they sat under the pomegranate tree. The same tree where they had carved their names, "Amir and Hassan Sultans of Kabul". The same carving Amir would trace with...