The Kite Runner: Is Amir a hero?

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In Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner, we see that the character Amir can be defined as a hero. A character who seeks to redeem himself in a world where there can be good. Yet the Kite Runner can be interpreted in many different ways, not just the character Amir. Perhaps it represents a longing for something out of reach or something more symbolic such as an emotion. But within the novel, The Kite Runner can be focused very thematically with the character Amir. He becomes a hero after finding what truly matters in the world and suffers to obtain that goodness.

A selfless nature is what separates the hero from an ordinary person. In The Kite Runner Amir believes that by capturing the winning flag at the kite tournament he'll be able to gain his father's respect. The character Amir is very selfish, by his longing for the kite.

He has total disregard of the help he has received by his best friend Hassan, one of the best Kite Runners. Amir believes that by capturing this kite he'll become a hero to everyone.

All I saw was the blue kite. All I smelled was victory. Salvation. Redemption. If Baba was wrong and there was a God like they said in school, then He'd let me win. I didn't know what the other guy was playing for, maybe just bragging rights. But this was my one chance to become someone who was looked at, not seen, listened to, not heard. (P. 69, Par 4)Amir believes that this is his way to become better than anyone else, including his friend Hassan.

When he finally wins the tournament, he thinks of himself as a hero. Yet it is Hassan who runs off to capture the winning tournament Kite. When Amir cannot find...