The Kite Runner Review

Essay by lybrian1High School, 12th grade January 2008

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Shocked and filled with disbelief were my inner thoughts when I was informed about the terrorist attacks on the world trade center that occurred on September 11, 2001. What would motivate one to do such an horrific and world changing form of action? I was appalled when I found out that the terrorists were from Afghanistan. Does that mean all people from Afghanistan necessarily act alike? Before reading Khaled Hosseini's novel, I thought of Afghanistan in the most negative and cruel way possible. How can a form of religion have such an impact on a society? I felt as if Hosseini tried to persuade his audience about loyalty, devotion, friendship, redemption, and the power of racism and differences in religious beliefs. The Kite Runner seemed to seem to me as bad propaganda due to the fact that Hosseini wrote this novel to inform the nation about the unspoken life behind Afghanistan before the war with America evolved.

Many innocent families and loved ones were killed on 9/11 for the simple reason of religious beliefs. I felt as if Hosseini tried to persuade his audience into viewing his perspective on how corrupt Afghanistan is due to the infamous element of power. Power is the key element that the Taliban were after in correlation with their religious beliefs, which may have led to their influences on 9/11. I felt as if the author tried to gain sympathy from his audience by telling a story about how an unresolved wrong decision in the past can lead to a closure by making a right decision in the future. A fictional novel that tries to persuade its audiences into feeling sympathetic for their country is unacceptable. If my family member or loved one were on any of the planes during 9/11, my perspective on...