The Knight and The Squire extra chapter (not ending)

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The Knight & The Squire book task

The first thing Tom saw when he woke up was the thief running away with his & Alan's food up in the rocky road they slept on, he tried to run after her but she was too far away already.

"Where's our food?" said Alan.

"Stolen, by a female thief" Tom replied in a hoarse voice.

"So why didn't you catch her?" asked Alan.

"Because she was already too far away when I woke up" replied Tom.

"You slow Turtle" Alan teased.

"Well it doesn't matter anymore, does it? We need to go after her," said Tom.

"You are right" Alan confessed, and they went to find the thief.

After about 50 miles and 2 days of walking Tom finally saw the thief.

The place was full of woods and rocks, a real forest.

"There he is!" shouted Tom.

"Lets catch her from behind before she sees us," suggested Alan.

"Lets do it," replied Tom.

And they tried. But the thief was just too fast and he got away.

"Next time well catch her," said Alan.

"Yeah" sighed Tom.

The next time they saw the thief was in about 10 miles, buying some food in some merchant with a roof in the next city which was full of stores and streets

"This time we know that she's fast so lets go on this roof above him and jump on her.

"That sounds great" said Tom anxious to try it.

Tom and Alan had finally caught the thief released her to the authorities and got all of there food back