The Knight has occasion to reprove his son, the squire, for his behavior of the pilgrimage. Write a conversation between them, in modern English in which each presents their point of view.

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(KNIGHT) Son, you are growing up and therefore have more responsibilities. If you can't handle this pilgrimage responsibly then you won't be able to handle the things which are still to come in the near future.

(SQUIRE) Dad, I'm not like you. I don't like the things you do, with all the fighting you do. You're good at what you do. I'm not. So quit trying to make me become you!

For example, you always wear your battle worn tunic when I however, wear my embroidered finery. You can maybe live your life with that on but I can't.

(KNIGHT) No one is saying you have to do everything I do. If you don't like what I do then why are you so courageous when you fight? You were born into a knighthood. You should feel lucky. Not many people are born into a knighthood and become fully true Knights.

You have to follow this tradition. It is your destiny.

(SQUIRE) Why? Why was I brought into this knighthood? What happens if I don't want to become a true Knight? I like other things.

(KNIGHT) Not everyone can get what they want. I think you should stop hanging out with the women and start learning about how to be a Knight!

(SQUIRE) Why I can't do the things I want? You are constantly telling me what I should do, how I should do it and why I should I do it. I won't allow you to tell me what to do anymore! Why did you bring this curse onto me?

(KNIGHT) Curse? Is that what this is all about? All I'm saying is that you should concentrate more on this pilgrimage then faffing about with the...