The Knights of Now and Then

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In this essay I will attempt to compare my life view with the British medieval culture of the Knight from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Since my view of life is rather limited, I will compare my active participation in sports, specifically in football, to the Knight’s religious crusades, his battles and mighty opponents. This is a look at the Knight from the Canterbury Tales and the Knight of the football field. The former Knight has exhibited virtues of “chivalry, truth, honor, generousness, and courtesy” (p.96) as history has recorded for us over time which are characteristics that are admirable in an individual and worthy of striving for.

The Knight is brave, courageous and prepares himself for battle and the crusades-“This same distinguished knight had led the van, once with the Bey of Balat, doing work” (p96). There is strengthening and conditioning, learning how to skillfully handle a knife and a sword, ride a horse and lead soldiers into battle.

The Crusades lasted from four to ten years and more. A football player invests as many years as well starting at age five playing to eighteen being involved in strenuous training both physically and mentally. He learns to take orders from the coach and give them on the field. He spends years preparing and attending practices and summer camps to sharpen his skills and knowledge traveling to other cities those camps and games. A football player must prepare himself all year long every year lifting and running trying to be in better condition than their opponents. A football player also needs to develop their skills for his particular position, catching, blocking, tackling, and one of the most important running.

The Knight who wore a “fustian tunic stained and dark with smudges where his armor had left mark” (p.96), that is, a...