I Know What You Did Last Summer

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I Know What You Did Last Summer Louis Duncan I would rate I Know What You Did Last Summer a 4, because I really enjoyed the suspense of the book. I really enjoyed the part at the end of the book when Helen was put in the situation in the bathroom. I thought that it was a good " edge of your seat " part. I also enjoyed when Julie and Ray went to go talk to David Greggs sister. It was interesting to learn about how her family was holding up about the loss.

I think the best conflict is when Ray, Julie, Barry, and Helen were debating weather to go back and help the boy that they hit or to just leave the boy alone. That decision changed all of their lives. When Barry got shot, when Helen had to jump out of the window, and when Collie tried to kill Julie but only beat her up.

Julie's mom prevented her from getting killed that night because she had a weird feeling about what is going on. Some people would think that nothing would have happened to Ray but the hardest thing for him would to be on the earth with out Julie. I think that was the conflict that changed their lives.

Helen, is a very pretty girl. She was the channel 5 Golden Girl. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. I think situation that she had to go though with was when she was in the car that hit the boy. She had to live with knowing that she had taken a little boy life in just one split second. I think that she handled it very well.

I think that they didn't make the right decision because they shouldn't just hit and run like that. I would have suggested that they have gone back and explained what had happened to the boy's family. Then there wouldn't have been Barry's shooting, Helen's jumping, and Julie's getting beat up. It would have solved a lot of problems.