Knowing More Than You Think.

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Privacy and freedom are extremely valued in our society, and are to some extent legally guaranteed rights by the constitution. Rapid advances in technology, in conjunction with compelling motives to use this technology to control and exploit aspects of human life in general, as well as the workplace, make urgent the question of what uses of the technology should be permitted. This is a tough questions, but if businesses would realize that their employees are the reason that they stay in business then they would not have to violate the privacy rights of people. Employees and companies need to work together to get past the employer/employee tension that makes employees steal etc..., and employers put up surveillance equipment etc... However there may only be 1 out of 50 employees stealing so does this justify the surveillance or the other 49 (WRAC 420)? What about every day life? Would you want to have lists of everything about you concocted and put on computer databases for the whole world to know?

There really is a serious problem with the violation of individual privacy today.

From the workplace, to buying a vacuum and becoming part of a mailing list, to the stress that lack of privacy causes people, no one is safe from, big brother. No one likes to have someone sit over them and watch all the time, and no one likes to be watched when they don't even know about it. Without probable cause that one committed a crime no one has the right to deprive the right of privacy to another, whether it be by selling names to a mailing list or cameras watching every move they make while in the office.

In the workplace there has been an ongoing battle over what employers may do to monitor employees. The...