Knowledge and Belief

Essay by Naveed Akram January 2008

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It is well-known observation that desires and lusts come to bring virtuous wisdom to the knowledge of a man who questions with frequency. All men have the desire to uphold a particular section of knowledge, as taming them in this fashion is agreed to have lasting benefits to the whole of mankind. It is sure that knowledge has layers of truth, as true and false arguments can testify.

The natural answer to the question of this sort is to give guesses, and plain presumptions. However, universal opinion is to be raised without the nature of doubt. The universe itself must be addressed for the purpose of establishing a link with the truthful sides of knowledge, wisdom and learning. I promise to prove that knowledge is the product of truth for those who believe in God Himself, either monotheistically or with secular help that divides mischief for us.

Myths and religion, natural science or philosophy, are certain gains of knowledge.

Knowing them has resulted in godly work by some authors, who even remain anonymous. Due to the high appeal of this inquiry, many are afraid to reason further, putting a stop to their efforts on humanity. But any push gives a worthy destructive edge to the sword of belief, thus resulting in proper interrogation. This saves pain. It saves misery, and much pleasure is now to be derived from the inquiry into knowledgeable truths. Foremost, the purpose of the cosmos has been envisaged with the concept of God - the proof is that misery can not come from above where the cosmos reigns supreme, possibly due to a supernatural being that is questioned as God. Monotheistic faith is obliged to follow this narrow path of inquiry. It is not fabricated by us nor anything but nature; for nature is the cause...