Knowledge Integration and Management

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Recent years have seen a surging interest in knowledge integration and management on this high-tech world, and the field of Knowledge Integration (KI) and Knowledge Management (KM) has rapidly gained popularity both in academia and in industry. Thus, can knowledge be integrated or managed? This briefing paper outlines what is knowledge, and Knowledge Integration, Management, how does it work, and finally relate to Information Technology-- Artificial Intelligence.

First of all, let us know what is knowledge?

Knowledge is "the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association." It is the remaining resource that can provide competitive advantage in the enterprise and manufacturing. Knowledge is a key resource, if manufacturing companies wish to achieve success in a period of time.

How does knowledge work?

Knowledge work is more and more important in the enterprise. Company needs knowledge work to solve many profession problems. Knowledge workers convert information to knowledge, using their own competencies, sometimes with the help of suppliers of information or specialized knowledge.

Not only do knowledge workers use their knowledge to interpret incoming information, but they also create new knowledge as well. Knowledge work it is performed by professional or skilled workers with a high level of expertise and competence. Knowledge workers' value is acquired through formal education. Such people understand how to learn and will continue to learn throughout their productive lives. What is learned and how it is applied will determine competitive success. Knowledge workers need to be challenged to achieve and they often prefer demands to be made on them by knowledge rather than bosses. They performance oriented organization or task driven ones to authority driven organizations. Organizations' core competencies must focus on managing knowledge and knowledge workers. Furthermore, industrial growth and productivity gains will depend heavily on improvements in...