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Mike Miller

October 14, 2014

Principles of Management

Dr. Joe Muscatello

Introduction to Knowledge Management

We start off with concept of knowledge. If you can't grasp the concept of knowledge then you won't be able to have knowledge management. Knowledge is power, which is how it has been and always will be. Without knowledge you will not be an asset to the organization, and therefore will not be a part of any organization. Understanding the concept of knowledge is key when you want to comprehend knowledge management.

Now we need to understand data. According to the book Introduction to Knowledge Management data is a number or word or letter without any context. Data is merely numbers like 5 or 500, this has no context which makes it data. Data is information that we put into knowledge that we further put into wisdom. Or in other words understanding relations, to understanding patterns, to understanding principles.

All in all data is the place you want to start to obtain the concept of knowledge.

To further understand knowledge we need to know the two types of knowledge, which are tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. Tacit knowledge is that stored in the brain of a person. Explicit knowledge is that contained in documents or other forms of storage other than the human brain, According to the book Introduction to Knowledge Management. In my words, tacit knowledge may be something that you have always known and is in your brain forever, but on the other hand explicit knowledge is knowledge that you obtain from books or documents that aren't stored in your brain. Eventually, I believe you can turn explicit knowledge into tacit knowledge by studying and reviewing the information from a book until it is programmed into your brain and you will never...