Knowledge Management Linear vs Non Linear Thinking

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The use of knowledge management has undergone many fundamental changes in the past few years. One of those changes is the shifting paradigm from a linear model to a non-linear model. Knowledge management is the process of identifying, selecting, organizing, disseminating, and transferring important information and expertise within an organization (Class notes). The use of the linear and non-linear models help to accomplish the objectives of knowledge management.

The linear model is the process of thinking incrementally. Linear logic is dependant on external inputs like, resources, past knowledge, and expert advise to analyze and find solutions. Many individuals and businesses are straying from this concept and moving to a non linear model. Non linear thinking believes that change is a perception rather that an event. The impact of change is more dependant on the level of preparedness that the actual occurrence ( Non linear thinking can be the ideal management tool for the future especially for the smaller business.

The process can help better develop an edge over the larger and more organized businesses who are still expected by linear logic to dominate the markets. Non linear thinking is a single thought process intended to be applicable to any and all topics without the usual need to know in depth approach of linear logic. It is thus a low cost and invaluable tool when resources are deficient (

Along with the increasing use of the non linear model comes an ever growing danger of the use of the linear model. Today's business world performs on a cyclic basis. Many individuals understand and accept natural cycles when they are measured in days, weeks, and months. But they fail miserably to appreciate the much longer natural and man made cycles that come along at infrequent intervals...