Knowledge Management Technologies in RTA

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Knowledge Management Technologies in RTA


By Abishake Chandrasekaran

Date: 21/06/2008

Executive Summary

This report is all about Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) in NSW. Firstly, Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) is the New South Wales agency which is responsible for road safety, traffic regulation, provide licence to the drivers and vehicles registration. Another important role of RTA is to maintain national and state road networks and also to manage traffic flow within the city. Secondly, the report deals with the Knowledge Management technologies which are adopted by RTA to carry out their responsibilities. Then finally this report contains few technologies which are used to implement Knowledge Management in RTA.



1Executive Summary �

1Introduction �

1About RTA �

2 Team leader �

2 Technical Writers �

2 Subject Matter experts (SME's) �

2 Step Two Designs �

3KM Techniques which can be used in RTA: �

3Using WAP technology �

3How WAP can work in RTA? �

3Advantages of using WAP technology: �

4Advanced Travel Information Systems (ATIS): �

4How ATIS works? �

4Uses of ATIS: �

4Advance Driver Assistance (ADAS �

4How ADAS works �

4Intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) �

5Adaptative cruise control (ACC): �

5Driver drowsiness detection: �

5Inter-vehicle hazard warning �

5Conclusion �

6Reference: �



Knowledge Management is an interdisciplinary business model which is often used to identify the intellectual assets within an organisation.

Knowledge Management is used to store knowledge within an organisation which can be considered as a competitive advantage for the organisation. To implement Knowledge Management in any organisation there are certain Knowledge Management technologies which can be used to extract knowledge within an organisation. Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) is an agency...