Knowledge Management within a Learning Organization

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Knowledge Management within a Learning Organization


The Knowledge is the most powerful tool of any organization; it is an intangible asset which does not appear on the company's financial statements. Some small organizations think that they do not have to do anything with it. In fact, knowledge management is the most powerful tool for every size of organisation and it does not discriminate of its size or any industry it is running in. Knowledge management (KM) is rising as the advanced discipline that offers the instrument for analytically organizing the knowledge that develops with the enterprise. The majority big companies have been conduct experiment with knowledge management with a thought to exceed profits, being competitively pioneering, or merely to survive (Hawamdeh, 285-289).


A tacit knowledge is something which is in mind of the person; it can not be articulated or transformed but, when shared with other colleagues. It can help in converting it to explicit knowledge.

Companies are now aligning their strategies, where an exciting culture can introduced where knowledge sharing can be encouraged and rewarded. KM is about the creation of an exciting environment within the organization to promote the creation and transfer of knowledge (Stary, 133-135). The focus, therefore, is on creating an appropriate organizational culture and providing effective leadership.

Knowledge is becoming very important in gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. Some organizations believe that knowledge is for big businesses only and those small enterprises, simply because of their size, do not need to do anything about knowledge (Stary, 133-135). In fact, knowledge management does not discriminate as far as the size of the enterprise is concerned. It is very important for all business, whatever their size or sector. Information and Knowledge are pervading all sectors of industry as well as creating new industries based...