Knowledge vs. Wisdom

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Though knowledge and wisdom may seem alike, they are really very different. As a matter of fact they only have two things in common: Both require a brain and both are very hard to obtain.

A knowledgeable person might dress in a fashion that can be accepted by everyone, not too conservative and not too abstract. When a knowledgeable person enters a room, she tries not to make herself too noticed though she does want everyone to acknowledge that she is in the room. A knowledgeable person knows things like times and dates, and just what should happen at this time and who should be where at that time. A knowledgeable student dresses to suit the 'norm' of her surroundings and makes an attempt to fit in as best as possible. When entering a classroom, a knowledgeable student always goes directly to her seat and promptly takes out the previous night's lessons so that she might review it once more before the start of class.

A knowledgeable student knows things such as the multiplication tables all the way up to twenty, how to diagram every sentence that she hears, and the Japanese alphabets, all three.

A wise person dresses in a fashion that suits her, so that she is cornfortable, not worrying what everyone else around her thinks. Upon entering a roorn, a wise person casually greets their friends, engages in a little conversation and then continues on with their business, knowing that it is important to let people know that you always enjoy talking with them. A wise person knows things such as the importance of dates and times and why things should happen. A wise student dresses in what she wants to dress in, regardless of what all of the others...