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How to shoot a basketball

NBA star Steph Curry shooting the basketball.

Knowing how to shoot a basketball is one of the most important things you will need to be able to master in order to play the game. You can't just throw the ball; you need to develop the right shooting form in order to be more successful on the basketball court. In my article, you will learn how to properly shoot the basketball, as well as some other helpful shooting tips and strategies. Follow the steps listed below, and don't forget to practice!

One of the most important things most people forget about is using the right stance when you shoot the ball. You want your feet and your body to face the direction of the basket, and your dominant foot should be slightly in front of your other foot. It is also important to have your feet shoulder width apart.

Just remember, there is no perfect stance. Find a stance that helps you take your best shot.

The position the ball is in is also very important. You want to have the ball a few inches above your waist, and slightly on the side. This is the ideal position the ball should be in when you are squaring up for your jump shot. Make sure the ball isn't too high or low from your "shot pocket". This can have a negative effect on the result of your shot. It is also common for people to position their elbow on an angle with the basketball. Your arm should form an L shape when you are releasing the basketball. It should be as straight as possible. It is very important to position the basketball the correct way when you shoot. It is a likely miss if you have...