The Koran, the most influential piece of Arabic writing

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The Koran is the greatest and most influential piece of Arabic writing ever. On

top of that it was written by only one person. Islamic people follow it and obey its

many wise words. Of all these words the ones that have the most effect and influence

on the people of the Islamic world are the five pillars of Islam. It contains the five

duties that each Muslim follows to get closer to their salvation. In addition to the Koran

stating to follow the five pillars it states not to drink liquor, worship idols, eat pork, or

gamble. These are important but the five pillars get the most attention.

The first pillar is the profession of faith. In other words that pillar means that

in your lifetime you must state publicly ' by the tongue and with full assent from the

heart' that ' there is no god but Allah and Muhhammad is his prophet.'

This is also

called Shahadah.

The second duty is to pray five times each day. The first prayer happens

before sunrise, the second is in very early afternoon, the third in late afternoon, the

fourth immediately after sunset, and the fifth and final prayer is offered before you

sleep before midnight. In all prayers you must face the Kaaba in the mosque at Mecca.

All of the prayers are to be offered in a mosque but if they can't they can pray as an

individual outside of the mosque. Muslims are encouraged to offer them after midnight

and that is called tahajjud. Before each of the prayers a formal public call is made by

the muezzir. Sometimes special prayers are offered on Fridays in Mosques. These

prayers are preceded by a sermon from the imam.

The third duty of a Muslim is Almsgiving. It...