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A year from 2333B.C. to 1400 AD The civilization of Korea started around 6000 BC in the Neolithic are. But Korean history really started from 2333 BC. At that time, Korea had four countries. The four countries, are Ko-Gu-Ryo, Pack-Che, Shilla and Ka-Ya, Ka-Ya incorporated with Ko-Gu-Ryo in 200 B.C. because this country couldn't handle the War between the other countries. At first, one of these three countries, Ko-Gu-Ryo, was strongest and biggest. This country developed toughness and sprightliness by having many years of War with China. The Chinese people were afraid Ko-Gu-Ryo after they had many years of war so that they built the great wall of China for defense. Ko-Gu-Ryo spent a lot of energy to expand their country or the other side, they accepted Buddhism and many kinds of scholarly attainments from the Chinese. However; they kept their strong national identity. Ko-Gu-Ryo was weak by having many wars with many different countries, Ko-Gu-Ryo became stronger.

But the King of Ko-Go-Ryo started to having to many parties because his belief that Ko-Go-Ryo indestructible. Privy councilors destroyed the power of their country after 800 years by corruption.

Pack-Che was settled in Han river area in the years between 0 to 900. Pack-Che had a predominant culture and art. At one time, Pack-Che controlled some part of west sea of China and Ku-Shu area in Japan, but it was destroyed by China after 700 years they settled in Han river area but they tried reconstruction work. At that time some of Kings of Pack-Che moved to Ku-Shu area in Japan. And they imparted their own cultures and art to Japan.

Shilla became centralized after 1000 years of history with Ko-Gu-Ryo and Pack-Che. And the other side, Shilla tried to combine with others outside of their country. The Shilla combined with China...