Is Korean Unification Possable

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Can the Koreas Unite? This is the question many north and south Koreans may be asking them selves this very moment. Military struggle fought on the Korean Peninsula from June 1950 to July 1953. Began a war between north and south Korea that ended up involving Korea but twenty other nations as well. Wen the war ended the two parts of the once hole Korean peninsula where divided into two halves. North Korea and South Korea. The north that was backed by the communists (Russia) was communist and South Korea backed by the USA democratic. The war ended with no losers except the native Koreans who's homes where effectively reduced to rubble. The capital city of South Korea took most of the damage and was almost totally destroyed.

South Korea with the help of the United States rebuilt their capital city, Seoul which now has modern skyscrapers, fancy stores and not to mention high tech factories.

This is a big change from the one ruined city where barley a building was left standing tall. South Korea has become a proud county and is considered a global economic power. The success of a county that was thought to be lost could not come without a price. The county sulfured much in their time of rejuvination but their political leaders have managed to guide them on a path that stays clear of any extreme misfortune. The county did so well in fact that it has become one of Asia's leading exporters and the home of some of the most well known companies. South Korea exports items from countries like Hundi and Samsung, names we know well even over here. The north however was not as lucky.

After the war North Korea went into communism rule and was supported by the Soviet Union.