Korean War

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Questions for Grandpa regarding the Korean War Do you remember any acronyms that the Navy used specifically for the Korean War? O.R.I. for operation readiness - an observed (by other Navel officers) exercise between ships to test readiness for combat R&R for rest and recreation - time off to return to Tokyo for a break R.O.K. - name of the Republic of Korea army "Here We Go Again" - a signal for when our ship was given another amphibious landing or cargo assignment What were your feelings about another war so close to World War II? Resentment that I had to interrupt my life again and go to war.

Puzzled that our country was embroiled in another foreign soil war over disputes not directly concerning the U.S.

Concern about what tasks I would encounter on a navel vessel during wartime Excitement because I anticipated encountering new people and new cultures Did you think it would be long and drawn out or a quick victory? The media and the government cajoled us into thinking it would be a short war.

The North Koreans, at that time were not considered a strong military force until the Chinese Army joined in the war. We were told that the UN ( it was never declared a war but a peacekeeping mission) the USA and the ROK would push the North Korean army back to the 38 degree parallel - the original line of demarcation that divided North Korea from South Korea How strong was the fear of Communism in the 1950's Communism was probably the biggest threat to world peace during that time.

It provoked some rash actions and strong debate among many nations. The Communists had accumulated several countries as allies including North Korea What kind of a ship was it...