Korean war

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Korean War

The Korean War was again one of the many dangerous but important wars in U.S. history. The Korean War was basically a war that was a quarrel between both the communist and non communist services in the country of Korea which lasted from the year June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953. This conflict started after World War II when the country of Korea was divided into two parts the north and the south. North Korea went to the Soviet Union side, as for South Korea went to the United States side.

Relationships between the two sides grew intense over the years and on June 25, 1950; North Korean services broke in and invaded the south. The United Nations promptly damned the invasion and ordered for the North Korea troop to depart from the south. On June 27, the Unites Sates president, Truman, allowed Korea to use American lands, seas, as well as air force.

A week later, the U.N. positioned the military of 15 other member nations, but under U.S. command, and that is when the U.S. president appointed Gen. Douglas McArthur the supreme commander. By September 10, North Korea pushed back South Korea until South Korea was at the Southeast tip. On October 19, South Korea got back and captured the North Korean capital. Later, the Chinese communist joined with North Korea to initiate retaliation. In January 1951, The U.N. troops were forces back, and the communist again went into the south recaptured Seoul, the South Korean capital.

After months of intense fighting, the conflict still remained the same for the rest of the war. Macarthur wanted to encounter another invasion of North Korea. When Macarthur publicized this idea, the United States president, Truman took Macarthur out of office and replaced him with Gen. Matthew...