The Korean War- A general summary of "The Forgotten War", including causes and effects

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The Korean War was a bitter three year struggle between ideologies and the control of the South Asian peninsula. Between June of 1950 and July of 1953, communist North Korea with the aid of China and the Soviet philosophy battle against the United Nation forces composed of democratic nations.

Although the causes of the Korean War can be placed solely upon communism, the real origins are far less superficial. Firstly, the demise of China's monarchy in 1911 lead to the rise of communism across China, and many feared that other Asian countries would meet a similar fate, known as the "domino effect". After World War II, Soviet and American troops occupied the Korean peninsula, under Japanese control since 1895, one on each side of the 38th parallel. Marxists under Kim Il Sung took control of North Korea and with Soviet assistance began to organize a totalitarian state. In South Korea, General John R.

Hodge began in the autumn of 1945 to establish defense forces and police and to move toward a separate administration and permitted the return of leader, Syngman Rhee. By the time Washington and Moscow paid attention to Korea, the temporary partition became permanent. North and South Korean governments officially formed in 1948, each claiming responsibility for the whole country and each threatening to force Korean unification. Between October 1949 and June 1950 a few thousand soldiers were killed in border incidents.

The Korean War was simply a game of tug of war, as UN and Northern Korean forces retreated and advanced across the 38th parallel. In the early morning of June 25, 1950, North Korean People's Army under General Chai Ung Jun, invaded South Korea with seven assault infantry divisions, a tank brigade and two independent infantry regiments. This marked the official outbreak of combat in the...