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The Serbian problem existed long before Milosevic came into being. He is just responsible for exasperating the crisis.

In 1389 the Serbs lost the Battle of Kosovo to the Turks (Muslims) and were replaced in the government of their ancient land by foreigners who began a long and on going process of the power in authority "ethically purging" the others in the territories under their control. Politics of the area have always been colorful and exciting by western standards.

In the 1920's the Serbs, Muslims and Turks (Albanians) actually got along as they rebuilt from World War I. In 1923 the President of Albania signed a treaty with the Muslim (Albanians) allowing these neighbors to get along legally. The Serbs reaction was to try and capture the president who hid behind palace walls with his body guards eating only foods cooked by his mother. In spite of this set of precautions more than 20 food tasters were poisoned in a period of less than 6 months.

He was finally captured, his hand (the one he signed the treaty with) was cut off and fed to his dogs. Next his head was cut off and thrown to crowds of Serbs standing in the courtyard below who stomped it to bits and then demanded the body for similar treatment. In the parliament the representative brought guns to the meetings and opening shot more than 150 of their fellows while in the hall. Both sides participated in these activities of vengeance.

Kosovo was at the time in the hands of the Serbs who are 40% of the diverse population--their strength is concentrated in Serbia where they are the majority. Kosovo is a poor and backwoodslike area where no one really wants to live. The youth all leave to find jobs in more economically...