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9 September, 2014

TV babies

In Jerry Koszinski's Media and Methods, he states that kids who watch more television act out what they see on the television instead of acting out their own moods or following role models. Having a younger sister makes it easier to notice this change in actions. The way that they act changes when they have not been watching much television and when they have. When she does not watch television she actually starts to copy what I do and try to be a little like me, but naturally she tends to act how my mother acts. But when watching their actions closely there is a noticeable change in their behavior, kids act the same way as many of their favorite television show characters when they watch lots of television. The "looking up" to these characters could lead to good things; the child could begin acting mature for their age, or they could end up mimicking bad habits that these characters have that could be not fully acceptable in society.

Television gives children the chance to have more role models to select, whether they are good or bad ones is the choice they make.

The increase in role models available for children gives a higher chance for them to pick one who does not always behave with the best manners. Before television became a big deal, kids normally looked up to people in their family which made it easier for their actions that they mimic to be accepted by the adults around them. When children decide to act like their favorite television show character, that character could do things that are undesirable. My sister does that exact thing. She watches the show Zoey 101...