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Kowloon Motor Bus (1933) Co.

The bus routes of KMB covered around Kowloon, N.T. & Hong Kong Island. Other than limited routes services provided by CityBus, KMB nearly dominated all the bus transportation in Kowloon Peninsula & N.T.. With some cross-harbor services, KMB can be defined the best networked public transportation service in Hong Kong.

Existing marketing mix Product ¡V service offer Core product : Basic transportation within Kowloon/NT/HK Is. for the mass Tangible Product: Basic bus service with air-conditioned & upgraded cars, super-low floor for disable, reliability, brand name etc.

Augmented Product: Bus-stop facilities (some w/ seats), customer service hotline for routing inquiry, web site etc.

Pricing ¡V - Lowest in public transportation as perceived (cheaper than mini-bus/MTR/Taxi...etc); Now the price for air-conditioned car service is not 'real' cheap compare to MTR.

- Special fare for younger, older and student - Bus interchange service Promotion ¡V - TV commercial plays a key role to build KMB's image - history background and growth with YOU (loyalty); focus on development of new generations.

- The body of bus and advertisements at bus-stop tells all. Joint Promotions: e.g. CR2 903 / Corgi Miniatures Bus Models - public relations ¡V extra community activities ¡V such as protect environment to establish a positive images and brand name, enhance the social and public accountability Place/Distribution Channel ¡V ease to access.

- KMB is already developed many routing and bus station/terminus through the town or rural area.

People ¡V services where staff have a contact with customers.

- experienced and well-trained bus driver provides stable driving service. They play also the road for adviser: where to get off / which routes to where...etc. Because of the product nature, mass use the service, customers meet any kind of people on the bus, it is hard to...