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A Hope for one dream-Peace


The South Bronx, in New York City, is the poorest congressional district with in the United States. Drugs and violence are an enormous problem making living conditions next to impossible. In Amazing Grace by Jonathan Kozol we are taken inside this forgotten place through eyewitness accounts and personal stories, we learn just how troubling poverty really is, and the problems that have created such poverty to begin with. The issue of poverty is much more complex than can be understood at surface level. Amazing Grace breaks through that barrier and shows that it is government injustices, separation of classes, and lack of opportunity that are the contributing factors to extreme poverty not only in the South Bronx, but worldwide. I agree and argue with the fact that poverty is due to government neglect, and the lack of opportunity that is given.

For starters, Mott Haven, which is located in the South Bronx, is the most racially segregated area of poor people in the United States.

As Kozol points out, is comprised of a two-thirds Hispanic and one-third black population (Kozol 3). The average annual income in the South Bronx is $7,600 for the typical household. In addition to the low income and poor education, drugs such as crack-cocaine and heroin plague the neighborhood. Nearly everyone in Mott Haven is infected with the HIV virus. The South Bronx, according to Times Magazine, was nominated "the deadliest precinct" in the United States. For example, in 1991, eighty-four people were murdered, half of whom were the age of twenty-one. Many people here suffer from depression, anxiety, and asthma due to their living conditions and neglect from the conscience of the society.

Life in the South Bronx is no place anyone wants to live; constant shootings, AIDS,