Kraft Foods International: Expanding Into China

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Kraft Foods is an international corporation based in America. It is therefore subject to trade laws as dictated by the American Government. Kraft makes items such Maxwell house, Oscar Mayers, Kraft cheese products and the beloved Oreo Cookie. It was one of the first food corporations to set up a multilingual site designed to attract Spanish speaking individuals. J.L. Kraft started his company over a hundred years ago from the back of his truck. About six years into this venture he joined in a partnership with his brothers. Thus, Kraft Foods was born. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company has allowed them to thrive through the years. Kraft was the first company to expand its marketing to include color prints and its popular ad campaigns as well as dedication to product quality have made it one of the most successful international food companies in history.

Krafts' international foods are a staple in most homes throughout Europe.

Their dry-goods product line has been especially successful in Germany where the product line Miracoil is the best selling name brand for dry-goods products.

I feel that if the negative attitude toward China's civil liberties policy can be overcome then China would be a very receptive environment for product growth and expansion.

Mainland China implements what is considered a totalitarian government, although the current trend in China has them allowing for a more privatized workforce structure. The high unemployment rate in the past 10 years and the growing dissatisfaction of the public has motivated the Chinese leadership to allow more personal freedoms. Even still, the Chinese government has absolute say in who is allowed to own what and who is allowed to work where.

In the past, the government owned all businesses. The factories and farms were all state run. Mismanagement on the part...