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Kraft Foods Inc. is the largest food and beverage company headquartered in North America and the second largest in the world. Our core businesses are in beverage, cheese and dairy, snack foods and confectionery, convenience foods and cereals. All of our products are being distributed in many markets globally.

They are constantly taking the effort to understanding our consumers' lifestyle and their taste for good food and beverages. We have hence set our own Company Vision, Mission Statement and Corporate Goals to meet our customers' needs and strive to create value- for-money products. We strive to provide the best for the consumers.

It is important for Kraft to understand the different cultures and customs of people in different countries in order to introduce our products successfully to them. To achieve this, we need to conduct an Environmental Analysis on the food and beverage industry of the markets we are entering.

In this report, we have decided to use one country to explain how Kraft Foods Inc. conducts the feasibility study to make the commercial decision to enter that marketThe Environmental analysis is based on PESTEL framework, and examines the political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal environment that governance overseas markets. Beside that we also make comparison of our competitors' strength and weaknesses against ours to know our position in that market. By understanding Porter's Diamond's concept, we will provide evidence or suggestions to the proposal to why Singapore is chosen as the target marketIn this report, we also present the SWOT Analysis on the business environment and the company's strategic capability. It helps the company to adopt the right strategy in the development of the business. We will go in depth to identify the weaknesses and threats based on internal and external factors, and combining with our strengths, thus...