In Kraid's Lair

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In Kraidfs Lair Videogame songs. Just some lame collections that bands composed of nerds play in their garage? Or could they actually be trying to convey much deeper messages besides a love for the videogame? In gKraid-Metroidh, the Minibosses take the background music from the winding hollows and intro of the Nintendo game, and relate it to lifefs own mazes and a deep longing for the old times.

The first half of the song is made up of the music played while in Kraidfs lair. The areafs tunnel-like map is reflected by the music. As it starts out, it keeps on building up and getting faster. Just when it seems to have climaxed, it begins all over again from the beginning. This use of tautology gives a sense of wandering about through a seemingly endless maze. This maze is similar to our course through life. Everyone has goals in which venturing out is needed to achieve them.

Throughout this course, there are going to be many paths to choose to get there. Some are able to lead you straightway. Some are dead ends, forcing you to backtrack all the way back to the beginning. Moreover, there are some that just appear to be dead ends. In one portion of the first half of the piece, an interlude of sorts plays, which is the tune for when you discover a new weapon in the game. With the right weapon, new areas become available. Like in life, when you get a gnew weaponh, whether it is knowledge, a skill, or what have you, new doors are opened up that were closed before.

The more apparent reason for the song is nostalgia. The game itself is quite old, dating back to 1986. It is considered a classic. That nostalgia is not limited to only the game though. With the game, comes the time period from which it is from and all associated memories of those moments. It is like, when you find something old, for example a watch a grandparent has give, and you think of all the things you did with that grandparent, not just how he or she gave you a watch. Then you start branching off into other memories, like your all time favorite book after reminiscing the times your grandparent used to read aloud to you. For the members of the Minibosses, gKraid-Metroid may bring back fond memories of childhood friends, old hangouts, long sleepovers, and the like, not just of playing gMetroidh. With these memories comes the deep longing to return to those times. The entire song is seven minutes and one second long. Especially in the second half of the piece, the Minibosses draw out the music, lengthening it even more so than it was actually in the game with plenty of repetition, so as to hang onto the moment for as long as possible.

Variety is the spice of life. Everyone has different outlooks and experiences from the world around them. To some, video games are just a waste of money that keeps geeks and Nintendo freaks occupied. To others, they can be used to fully express their unique views.